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Everyday, millions of new consumers go online in emerging Asia. Compare88’s market-leading online comparison brands connect them to the financial, insurance and micro-credit products they are eligible for, while increasing financial transparency and literacy.

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Our brands are the highest-trafficked, most complete, and most professional finance and insurance sites in their respective markets.


Re-inventing consumer finance distribution in some of the world’s most vibrant new economies requires a deep perspective and fresh thinking.

Indonesia Market
27 April 2015 Branchless banking in Indonesia

Recently passed regulation in the world’s fourth most populous country provides a framework for branchless distribution of banking, micro-banking and micro-insurance products. Find out how Compare88 leverages technology-based agent networks to help bring the "unbanked" into the financial services economy.

26 April 2015 Money, and the Muslim middle class

Indonesia’s middle class has pushed Islamic retail banking into double-digit growth, while sociological research demonstrates that as the middle class becomes more wealthy, they too become more religious. Indonesia’s secular Muslim middle class and its rapid development represents a truly unprecedented socio-economic situation.

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Our management and working teams and include experienced former bankers, insurance executives, underwriters, financial journalists, marketers, and financial advisors, all led by seasoned founders with deep industry experience.

J.P Ellis

Co-Founder & CEO

J.P. is responsible for the vision, strategy and leadership of Compare88. A former private equity executive and Columbia University graduate with a decade of business experience in the region, he is an awarded serial entrepreneur who reads, writes and speaks several languages.

Karl Knoflach

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Karl drives product development and product innovation at Compare88, and previously co-founded [] in 1999, which eventually became, one of Europe’s largest online finance and insurance comparison sites. A seasoned serial entrepreneur, investor and software architect, Karl is an industry expert and acknowledged innovator.


Compare88 is supported by some of the most reputable, experienced, and well-respected investors in the technology and consumer sectors in Asia.

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